Camryn, who will be formally known as Kristull's A Song-N-Dance Man @ Pfyre, was born on March 22, 2009 and came to live with the whippets and Andi on May 10, 2009 at the tender age of 7 weeks.  Thanks Francie for having enough faith in me to let him go that early.  Click here for his pedigree.


Now for the rest of the story.

As you all know Francie had two litters of young puppies with her at SF this year.  And you all know that I've never had a problem resisting puppies, because they're all cute, even the ones I wouldn't take home on a dare.  So I knew they were there but had no urge to even look at them, why would I, they were going to grow into hairy beasties <g>. 

On Monday after the seminars, I was walking Andi and saw Joyce with Ronan, and since I wanted to talk to her, I went and and put Andi in the van but Joyce had disappeared.  So I blame this whole thing on her.  So I went over to Francie's trailer, thinking that Joyce might be there.  Well she wasn't, but there were hoards of people playing with and cuddling puppies. 

As I stood there looking into the trailer and thinking, "do I want to waste some time"?  Something called to me, so I walked in, and picked up a single puppy.  He's the only one I looked at, he's the only one I touched.  The next morning at the lure coursing trial, I nudged Francie's shoulder and said "we have to have a heart-to-heart chat about that light silver brindle.  She said, something like, Oh you want a puppy, and I answered "no, but one of them wants me".  As we looked at him again, talking over details, just before she left, she said something like "we'll make sure you get one of these puppies" to which my answer, was "not one of these puppies, that puppy".

Traveling with Jen and already having 4 dogs plus all our "stuff" in a minivan, we didn't have room to bring him back, so this weekend I drove down to Chuck & Francie's to pick up the lit'l darlin.

When I arrived on Saturday afternoon, we almost immediately went out to visit puppies.  There were three puppies who had managed to get past the secondary barrier and were waiting at the gate.  The one who pushed his way forward and through the gate to my feet was Camryn.  I then said to Francie, "see I told you so" <g>  And the rest is, as they say.......history.


I get no respect.  It must be the age thing.

Sibling rivelry

It's OK Mom.  I know I'm very young, but it'll be OK.  There are lots of surrogate moms where I'm going.


A word of advice from big sis, Saphire.




Surveying his new domain.


Chasing after uncle Quest.

A word with uncle Prune.


Prune loves puppies.

Something to chew on.

Help, they're after me.........