Vitesse's Kiss-N-Tell SORC-II, WRCh, ROM*

affectionately known as "Carmen" was born on October 17, 1998, and came to Ohio as a 4 month old puppy.

Carmen attended her first race meet on September 11, 1999 where she went *UNDEFETED* to become best puppy at the WRA NATIONAL RACE MEET.

Carmen attended her *first* grownup race meet on October 30, 1999 in St Louis where she placed 7/42 and brought home her very first WRCh point. 

She finished her WRCh title at the WASIT meet on April 14, 2001.  It took a little longer than the oval titles, but not more meets.  Her primary interest being the oval track, she only ran in 7 WRA meets during this time and got points in 6 of them, winning one.  She has since become a multiple meet winner on the straight track and has over 2/3 of the nat'l points necessary for her WRChX.

Carmen started her "ovals" career Thanksgiving weekend of 1999, where she placed 3/4 in the first heat, 2/4 in the second and won the third and final heat.  On March 18, 2000 she ran a refresher meet, and brought home her first points on April 8th.  On April 30th.......TWENTY-THREE DAYS AND SIX MEETS LATER, she finished her ORC.  WOW are we pleased with this lit'l bundle of energy.

On November 5, 2000 she earned the 30th NOTRA Nat'l point, making her the youngest SORC Bitch to date, at 24 months and 20 days.  WE'VE SINCE LEARNED THAT SHE IS THE YOUNGEST SORC IN THE 22 YEAR HISTORY OF NOTRA.  Getting these titles in just under seven months 4/8 - 11/5, and this time frame included both the summer lull and her first season. 

During the 2000 season she became only the THIRD bitch in 19 years to win the October Greater St Louis Whippet Club meet and bring home the "Trucker Memorial Trophy".  They also offer the "Sky Memorial Trophy" for hi-scoring bitch, and Carmen is the first in the seven years it's been offered to get both of them.

She finished her SORC-II at the CLCS meet held on 11/4/01. 

She ends the 2002 racing year, having missed part of 2001, because of my broken leg, and half of 2002, because of her own injuries, "2" points shy of her SORC-III, and has accumulated 23 WRChX points.  

She took 2003 off to raise her first litter, born March 6th, and upon her return to the track suffered a loin muscle pull, which has turned into a chronic injury, so only ran one meet in 2004.  She has however, enjoyed watching the "itty-bits" (the collective name for her 1st litter) make their presence felt in their 1st racing season.

Carmen is one of the rare ones that could win a straight meet on Saturday and the oval on Sunday.  Her racing career encompassed a mere 30 months, April 2000 through September 2002, during which time I broke my leg, and she had one injury, (both during racing season, lousy timing at its best<g>) the two of which account for 5 month of so out of the 30.  During the three years that she was in competition, she: 

Finished 2000 Ranked #4 in NOTRA, #2 bitch
Finished 2001 Ranked #3 in NOTRA, #1 bitch
Finished 2002 Ranked #4 in NOTRA, #1 bitch

While she still enjoys a run or two, she ends her career as the lifetime #3 ranked NOTRA bitch, and looks forward to raising a few more successful itty'bits................

Needless to say......

Carmen came to us from sunny Southern California.  Special thanks to breeder Pat Burlingame for letting her come to the Midwest.


Carmen and her littermate Jezebel at the NAWRA Nat'l in October of 1999.
Carmen and Kaleena contemplating lifes great mystries.
Watching another dog play with the lure, just after winning the Hamilton meet on 7/8/00.

The above four photos, taken by Steve Surfman, (at the 2000 JRR Versatility weekend) show Carmen doing, what we call " the Carmie Maneuver", where she waits until the final turn to make her move.  In this instance she couldn't get to the rail, so she passed on the outside.

A little well deserved relaxation after a hard day at the track.


Bengal (Wheatland Bengal WRChX, SORC-IV) and Carmen (Vitesse’s Kiss-N-Tell WRCh, SORC-II) had their very own New Year’s Eve party back in 2002. Their litter, collectively known as the Itty-Bits made their appearance on March 6, 2003. In 2004 they made their presence felt…………. From left to right……………


From left to right:
Irish Pfyre's Celtic Wind WRCh NOTRA pointed Owned by Jean Pennie
Gazelle Pfyre's Serenghetti Wind WRCh, ORC Over half way to her WRChX,  meet winner on both tracks.  Finished 2004 in the WRA top ten. Owned by Libby Kirchner, and very capably handled by her grandchildren.  Kate pictured, Devon and Brandon.
Dingo Pfyre Windingo ORC Multiple NOTRA meet winner. Owned by Lynne McGowan and Donna Miner.
Willow Pfyre's Windkissed Willow WRCh. WRCh in three race meets. Owned by Richard Whritenour, and handled here by his granddaughter Erica.
Tori Pfyre's Tornado Wind WRCh. NOTRA pointed. Owned by Bob Fisher.
Meekah Pfyre's Color of the Wind WRCh NOTRA pointed. Owned by Judy Lowther and Karen Rockwell.  Handled here by my neice Maranda.
Not pictured:
Wendy Pfyre's Lit'l Red Whirlwind WRCh. In VERY limited racing, multiple meet winner, over half way to her WRChX, just missed being in the top ten. Owned by Mike and Susan Hayden.
Noc Pfyre's Wind of Change O'TNT WRCh   Owned by Donna and Larry Richards
Jax Pfyre's Icy Timberline Wind Living the life of Riley, as Willow's personal trainer. Owned by Richard Whritenour.
We at Pfyre, would like to thank all the Itty-Bit owners for all the work they’ve put into making this litter so successful.


*Carmen qualifed for her ROM on June 16, 2005.  Irish being the 7th itty-bit to attain the WRCh title, making her the first bitch to qualify based upon WRCh titles only, and in ONLY ONE LITTER.
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Dear Judy,
This is to confirm that I have received the completed application for the Vitesse's Kiss-N-Tell WRCh, SORC-II which has fulfilled the requirements for the ROM bitch title.
The ROM title will become official when awarded at the 2006 AWC Annual Awards banquet held in conjunction with the AWC National Specialty on Saturday, April 29th and will be published in the 2006 AWC Annual. 
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