In early February of 2008 I picked up Ella and a house mate.  Gator was placed fairly quickly, but Ella had health issues and she had become incredibly attached to my niece Tanya.  Since she was already 12, and hadn't had any health care up to that point, we decided to let her live out her life, however long that happened to be, with us.  Today March 23, 2009 her time came to an end.  She had gotten to the point where she could hardly stand and frequently fell down.  Her vision had become affected, and her right eye no longer focused, so the decision was made. 

Tanya and I took her to the vet, and sat on the floor with her during the whole process.  Run free, and pain free, Sweet Miss Ella.


Ella, in the middle, with Layna (the other fawn), Ari (the brindle) and Nakia (Tanya's son) just after she arrived here.

Ella and Layna.

For the year that she was here, she fit right in with the pack, and never caused any kind of problem.  All she wanted was someone to love, an occasional pat and cuddle..


When the puppies moved into the dog room, Ella became Grandma Ella.  No matter what they did, she never growled or snapped.  And I'm convinced that puppies "know" who they can jump on or be rough with, and they never were with Miss Ella.

She was a keeper, and there are some people who shouldn't be allowed to have a dog.