Kamio's Amethyst of Pfyre


Informally known as "Gryffin" joined the Pfyre household on June 22, 2006.  It was a rude awakening, arriving from sunny, southern California into the middle of one of northern Ohio's infamous summer thunderstorms, but he's adjusted well.

Born on February 24, 2006, look for him to make his ring debut in the fall.  Click here for his pedigree.

And what would a website be without pictures?


Reserve WD to a major at his first show, in a pouring rain, at 6 months & 3 days old.

His first point, UPKC on 10/21/06, judge Terry Stacy.


At Niagara Falls KC 01/11/07 for 2 points, judge Sandra Goose-Allen.  Susan St-John Brown also gave him a Puppy Group 3 at this show.

At Niagara Falls KC 01/12/07 for 2 points, judge Susan St John-Brown.


Playing in the snow.

photos from his first lure practice on 07/09/06

He started out after that pesky lure, then discovered that there was a camera to ham it up for.  He is after all a <g> show dog.

and what a cutie he is.........

photos below taken just a few days after his arrival in Cleveland.

Here he is with his paws on my knee, talkin' trash.....

And here he is with his friend Dalton, who by the way was having his very first experience with stacking a dog.


With his other friend Nakia, another first time handler

his bits and pieces


and all together: