Plumcreek Pompeii Moon Pfyre

informally known as Hannah.  In October of 2005, on the way to judge a lure coursing trial, I happened to mention that I was thinking about getting another show whippet.  Well, Karen just happened to know that Linda had a litter of Jamie grandchildren on the ground in IL.  And the rest is, as they say history <g>.
Hannah came to Ohio on January 22nd, and lives with Karen and Jamie. 
With 14 whippets between us, it was ONLY Hannah who wound up attending the AWC National in Boston.  Having left Jamie with Jim Radcliffe to have ACL surgery, we knew that we couldn't pick him up before noon on Monday, so took our time leaving Boston.  We meandered along the coast and since the tide was out at Lynn, MA we took advantage and introduced Hannah to the ocean.

It's COLD!!!!!  You aren't serious about wanting me to walk in THAT are you?


NO, NO, a thousand times NO. 


Out is this way, I'll lead.  Well, it is interesting to look at.