informally known as Hawk, came to us courtesy of Bill and Gloria Goble. In early 1999 they 'pretty much' decided to give up active participation in competitive events, and asked me if I would like to have Hawk.
I, Of course, jumped at the chance
He attained his WRChX at the GCWC meet on June 18, 2000. This puts him among the truly elite of the racing whippets, as only the TOP FINISHERS in each meet get the National Points needed for this title.
Hawk completed his ORC on June 24, 2000 at the POSH meet. How fitting as he got his first points at their spring meet in April.
He also discovered Lure Coursing and has completed his ASFA Field Championship and has a major win in AKC.
Hawk is co-owned with Bill and Gloria Goble.
Due to a back injury Hawk is as of October 2000 permanently retired from competitive running. He finished 2000 ranked #9 in national standings, his third year in the top 10......... HE HAS NOTHING LEFT TO PROVE..........
Hawk is probably the best trained obedience dog that will never get a CD.  Because of issues from his previous life, he doesn't do well when other dogs are off-lead, especially if they are black or dark brindle. 
Here are a few of my favorite photos of this wonderful dog.

My very favorite pix of Hawk, taken by Gregg Gammie, at the WRA national Sept 1999.


Kaleena with Hawk (on the left) and his baby boy Xander (on the right).


Pre race (on the left) and post race (on the right) with friends, Flyer, Prune and Carmen.