MacBeth Vitesse SRCh, WRCh, ORC

MacBeth is Carmen's litterbrother. He is owned by his breeder, Patrick Burlingame of Redlands, California.
He came to Camp Pfyre in early August of 2000, and only after he'd gone back to California did we realize how much he came to mean to us.
While he was here he acquired his WRCh title, placed 5th at the WRA Nat'l (entry of 75), won two WRA meets, played showdog and earned 8 points toward his NOTRA title.  Not a bad vacation.........

His first time on a "shoestring", he went 2nd in the Race Champion Dog Class at the WRA National Fund Match on September 9, 2000, with Kaleena handling.  He's a natural.  Judge Karen J Rockwell.

Mac and Carmen in one of the few straight races they ran together.  GSLWC meet on October 28, 2000.  Carmen held on to win the race and the meet, but he gave it his best shot.

He had no trouble fitting into the <g> relaxed atmosphere here at Pfyre.......where.......RED DOGS RULE!.

The last week Mac was here, we had one of those infamous *lake effect* blizzards. Mac, being a Southern California kinda guy, was none to pleased to find the sky falling, and celebrated his getting out by winning his last two meets of the year. NTWC's WRA meet on 11/25/00 and SCWC's NAWRA meet on 12/02/00.