informally known as "Prune" or "Pruney" .  Next to Flyer, this Blue dog is the love of my life.  The first time I saw him, my first remark was "now this one I could take home."  And Gloria, miracle of  miracles let him go, at least for a little while.  Prune lived here from June 13th to December 12, 1998.  When I finally had to take him home, I cried half way home.

It took me *51* weeks to convince Bill and Gloria that he should be allowed to return.  But, finally Prune came home.  He is co-owned with Bill and Gloria Goble.


He is pointed on the oval and in both AKC and ASFA.  He has retired from active running but is a world class cuddler and works very diligently to keep puppies in line.

here are some of my favorite pix of this great dog.

Hamilton July 1998.  photo by Gregg Gammie

On this day, his first race meet with me, he pulled out all the stops and beat his three siblings, Laddie, Waco and Vicki in at least one program each.  The ONLY time he ever won over Laddie, his WRCh ORC littermate.

June of 2000, lecturing to neice Buffy.  I don't think she's listening.


Coming around the third turn at Hamilton at the July 2000 race meet, on the way to wining his 1st program race.  He went on to score an ORC point.  photos by Dan Gauss, Shot-on-Site.