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  Pfyre Whippets is located in NE Ohio and we actively compete with our dogs in Amateur Whippet Racing, and Lure Coursing.  We "dabble" in showing and obedience.  Click here to meet our guys.
  Interested in lure coursing in NE Ohio, click here to contact Northcoast Coursing Club's secretary.
  Interested in coursing in the sunny south, aka Region 7, visit Todd Birchfield's website for information.
  Also in NE Ohio, the Cuyahoga Valley Hound Association, (a hound group club)  was formed to sponsor and promote all AKC events that hounds are eligible for. 

Links to other sites of interest:  

Whippet Racing Association (WRA).  One of the parent clubs for Whippet straight racing in the US and Canada.  Mostly Eastern US & Ontario.   North American Whippet Racing Association (NAWRA).  The other parent club for Whippet straight racing in the US and Canada.  Mostly Western US and British Columbia.
National Oval Track Racing Association (NOTRA).  The parent club for Sighthound oval racing in the US and Canada.   Large Gazehound Racing Association (LGRA) is the parent club for straight racing for all other sighthound breeds.
American Sighthound Field Association (ASFA).  For information on lure coursing in the US.   SUPPLIES for racing/lure coursing.  Click here for a list of people who make and/or sell muzzles, leads, blankets, coats, etc...

Race and Lure Coursing Clubs........ 

For information on Whippet Racing in Texas, check this page.   For information on East Coast events, check the Garden State Sighthound Club (GSSA), or Jersey Rag Racers Whippet Association (JRR) sites.
If you're near Chicago, you'll find the Greater Chicago Whippet Club (GCWC) of interest.   In the South East, you have the Carolina Lure Coursing Society (CLCS), offering all breed racing and lure coursing.
Sighthounds.com is a site dedicated to lure coursing especially in region 6 (KY, OH, IN, IL, MI, & WI).   In Oklahoma you'll find Windyglen Racing Association, offering all breed racing.
Other Whippet Owners/Breeders.......
Karen Turner has a wonderful site with all kinds of genetic information about the breed.   David Howton's Whippetview site is a collection of photos, articles and websites of other breeders.
Vitesse Whippets where you'll meet Carmen's brothers, MacBeth, Duffy, Coda, and Calef  It's a family to be proud of.   Don Papin and his well known Windyglen Racing Whippets
Lyth Whippets and Tony Lewis, long time breeder of whippets for racing, open field coursing and lure coursing   Oberon Whippets where you'll meet Quest's sire Tux, and his 1/2 brother Abner.

Mary Magee is the editor of Whippet Watch Magazine, a bi-monthly publication covering this wonderful breed, Saesi Whippets is her personal page.