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   .............home of multi-purpose sighthounds.
Hi, my name is Judy Lowther. I've had dogs of various breeds (and mixed breeds) for all of my life. About a million years ago I got involved with Golden Retrievers, after a major fire in 1990, I found myself living in a bungalow and started looking for a smaller breed with less hair. Enter, the Whippet, from stage left............................(bg)...... Actually A friend who had Rhodesian Ridgebacks suggested I look at a Whippet. Like so many other people, my first response was "what's a whippet"? Well, at the next show, I made it a point of watching them, fell in love, and the rest, as they say, is history.
Pfyre Whippets was founded in 1992. Both Kaleena (my daughter) and I are active in Lure Coursing and Showing. But our main interest has become racing,   Because of some incredible people and some incredible luck, We've had a fair amount of success in this venue.
I've found, over the last few years, that I personally enjoy the performance venues more than the show ring. And having become an all breed Lure Coursing judge, licensed in both ASFA and AKC, most weekends are spent out in the field, while the show dogs go out with handlers.
The Whippets:
Pfyre Prune Piper Gryffin
Ari Layna Meekah Hannah
Flyer Quest Tanner  




The Silkens:



Occasionally, we invite a dog from another kennel to come visit and run with us.  These visits vary from a few weeks to a few months.
 Camp Alumni:
MacBeth Deil Duffy
I've been involved in WRAP (Whippet Rescue and Placement) for just over a year.